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Getting Around

Not only is it easy to get to Québec City, it’s easy to get around once you’re here. Whether you choose to travel by car, bus, or bike, the city’s transportation networks have got you covered.   

An Efficient Highway Network

One of the most developed networks of its kind in Canada, Québec City’s highways make traveling around town a snap.

Four highways are dedicated to north-south traffic:

  • Henri-IV (Highway 573)
  • Laurentienne (Highway 73)
  • Maurice-Duplessis (Highway 540)
  • Robert-Bourassa (Highway 740)

East-west traffic is spread out over three highways:

  • Charest (440)
  • Dufferin-Montmorency (440)
  • Félix-Leclerc (40)

Numerous other major arteries connect to the highway network, making it even easier for drivers to get around.

Bus-only lanes mean faster service for public transport users.
Photo: Réseau de transport de la capitale.

RTC: Quality Public Transportation

Sensitive to environmental concerns and committed to creating a top-notch urban landscape, Québec City’s municipal government subsidizes its public transportation.

Réseau de Transport de la Capitale provides public transportation services via fast, efficient, and economical buses:

  • All week long, Métrobuses operate in bus-only lanes on major thoroughfares, thereby dramatically reducing trip times.   
  • During rush hour, the Express network offers speedy service between residential neighborhoods and the downtown core. 
  • All day long, carefully planned routes keep urban sectors and residential areas connected.


People with disabilities that prevent them from using regular public transportation services may apply for admission to the Service de Transport Adapté de la Capitale (STAC), a paratransit service (website available in French only).

An Extensive Network of Bike Paths

Safe and well-maintained, Québec City’s numerous bike paths (page available in French only) are a boon to cyclists.

Like walking, cycling helps save energy, protect the environment, reduce traffic, and improve public health.

From Shore to Shore...

Do you travel often between Québec City and Lévis? Société des Traversiers du Québec (STQ) offers regular ferry service between the two cities. What’s more, Réseau de Transport de la Capitale (RTC) monthly pass holders travel free. Visit the STQ website for more information on Québec-Lévis ferry services, fees, and schedules.

For Tour Bus Drivers

Taking a group of tourists through the downtown? The Bus Drivers’ Guide (PDF, 566 Kb) is full of useful information on bus parking and driving rules and regulations.

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