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Saint-Jean-Baptiste - Points of interest

You don't want to miss these local attractions. The entire content of Explore Québec City comes together here to let you discover everything they have to offer.

Saint-Jean-Baptiste: List of points of interest


Provides winter thrills and chills

Changes in the Saint-Louis district

From the French regime to the 21st century

Fontaine de Tourny

A gift loved by all

Grand Théâtre

A hub for the performing arts in Québec City

Grande Allée

A well-to-do part of town

Grande Allée

Luxury homes for prominent locals

Îlot Berthelot

Battleground of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste citizen’s movement

Îlot Bon-Pasteur

A tale of helping hands

In Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Community spirit

J. A. Moisan

Passing on the flame

Joseph-Ferdinand Peachy

Local architect

Les vents déferlants

Les vents déferlants, using art to make a busy road more pedestrian-friendly

Lewis Pagé

Sculptor and artist

Monument to the suffragettes

A tribute to the Québec women who fought for the right to vote

Parliament, at the heart of the city’s political heritage

At the heart of the city’s political heritage

Plains of Abraham

A beautiful public park for the city

Plains of Abraham

The unforgettable battle of 1759

Québec City Armoury

Home of the Voltigeurs de Québec

Rue Saint-Jean

The beating heart of Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Rue Sainte-Claire

A joint project for a shared street


A district forged by fire

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church

An overlooked jewel in Québec City’s religious heritage

St. Matthew’s Church and graveyard

A little piece of England

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