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Saint-Roch - Points of interest

You don't want to miss these local attractions. The entire content of Explore Québec City comes together here to let you discover everything they have to offer.

Saint-Roch: List of points of interest

Alfred Pellan

Pioneer of Modern Art in Québec.

A Working-Class Home

Saint-Roch’s Urban Fabric.

Beer in Lower Town

Quenching a Thirst for History.

Boulevard Langelier

For a Safer, More Beautiful City.

Centre Jacques-Cartier

Training Young People to Step Up.

Dominion Corset Building/La Fabrique

The Art of Reinvention.

Fire in Saint-Roch

Turning Points.

F.-X. Drolet

The Origins of Québec Engineering.

Gilles Kègle

“Street Nurse”.

« Grands magasins »

Québec City’s First Department Stores.

Îlot Fleurie

Community Vitality at Work.

Innovation in Saint-Roch

A Renewed Tradition.

Jardin Saint-Roch

A fruitful project.


A Family Business Always in Demand.

Le Soleil and the Print Media

Two Centuries of News.

Maison de Lauberivière

A Home for Rich and Poor Alike.

Maurice Pollack

Successful Immigrant .


Varied Artistic Expression and a Unique Cooperative.

Multiethnic Saint-Roch

Chinese and Jewish Communities in the Lower Town.

Multifamily Brick Dwellings

The Saint-Roch Trademark.

Napoléon Drouin

A Popular Mayor.

Notre-Dame-de-La-Paix Parish

A Wound and the Remaining Scar.

Place Jacques-Cartier

The Heart of Downtown.

Québec City’s Stairways

Practical and Distinctive.

Repurposed Factories in Modern-day Saint-Roch

Architectural and Artistic Creativity.

Rivière Saint-Charles

A Winding History.

Rue Saint-Joseph

Québec City’s Broadway.

Saint-Roch Church

A Sign of the Times.

Shipbuilding in Québec City

The Economic Engine of the 19th Century.


A Place of Tradition and Renewal.

Théâtre Impérial

Cinema’s Early Days in Québec City.

The Homes of the Well-to-Do

Saint-Roch in Its Heyday.

The Lafayette Building

A Promise Kept.

The Performing Arts in Saint-Roch

Trendsetting Variety Shows.

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