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Old Quebec - Points of interest

You don't want to miss these local attractions. The entire content of Explore Québec City comes together here to let you discover everything they have to offer.

Old Quebec: List of points of interest

Bassin Louise

The Modernisation of the Port in the 19th Century.

Breakneck Stairs and Mountain Hill

First Link between Upper Town and Lower Town .


The Leisurely Way to See Historic Québec.

Cathedral of Holy Trinity

The first Anglican cathedral built outside the British Isles.


Founder of Québec.

Côte de la Fabrique

One of the First Main Streets of Québec City.

Dauphine Redoubt

Old and Versatile.

Dufferin Terrace

A Royal Promenade.


Unique in North America.

Ice Canoe Races

Quite a challenge.

Îlot des Palais

A Place of Memory of the Economy of New France.

Immigration at the Port of Québec

The Gateway to America.

La Vivrière

A Figurehead to Ward Off Hunger.

Maison Béthanie

The Good Shepherd Watches Over Unwed Mothers.

Maison Chevalier

Rediscovering the Architecture of New France.

Maison Cirice-Têtu

Bourgeois House, Home of Intellectual Life .

Maison Dauphine-Loyola

A Calling to Serve Those in Need.

Maison de la littérature

Continuity and Innovation.

Maison François-Xavier-Garneau

The Residence of the First French Canadian Historian.

Marché du Vieux-Port

A Long Tradition.

Marie-Anne Barbel


Morrin Centre

Witness to the Scottish Presence in Québec.

Musée de la civilisation

A Masterpiece of Innovative Museology and Architectural Integration.

Notre-Dame-de-Québec Cathedral-Basilica

The First Parish Church of New France.

Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church

A Treasure from the Era of New France.

Parc du Cavalier-du-Moulin

The Military Past of a Peaceful Park.

Parc Dugua-De Mons

A Mountain of Surprises.

Parc Montmorency

A National Historic Site.

Place de la Gare

A True Crossroads.

Place D'Youville

Show Central in Québec.


Birthplace of French America.

Québec's City Hall

A City in the Making.

Roof Snow Removal Experts

Only in Québec City.

Rue Couillard

The Heart of the Latin Quarter .

Rue des Remparts

A Charming Military Past.

Rue du Petit-Champlain

Urban Revitalization That Sets an Example.

Rue Saint-Jean

Where Business and Pleasure Meet.

Rue Saint-Paul

Two Centuries of Commercial Activity.

Rue Saint-Pierre

The Wall Street of Québec.

Saint-Louis Forts and Châteaux

Magnificence and Power.

Séminaire de Québec

Educating a Nation.

The Baillairgé Family

An Architectural Dynasty.

The Château Frontenac

Jewel of Québec City.

The Citadel

Home to the Royal 22nd.

The Customs House

A Symbol of the Port’s Prosperity.

The Irish and Rue McMahon

Drama, Integration, and Recognition.

The Livernois Family

Three Generations of Photographers.

The Old Port

Back to the River.

The Price Building

An Art Deco Skyscraper in the Heart of Old Québec.

The UNESCO monument

Old Québec as World Heritage Site.

Typical Old Québec House

A Mix of French and English Traditions.

Université Laval

A Pioneering Institution in North America.

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