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Invest in Québec City

I Want to Invest in Québec City

Investing in Québec City means investing in an innovative capital bursting with creativity and boasting a strong economy based on knowledge, technology, and world-class research. The city also possesses strong insurance, tourism, and cultural sectors.

Québec City’s main strength is a specialized and highly educated workforce, which makes it one of the most competitive cities to do business.

Best Quality of Life in North America

nvesting in Québec City means offering your employees an outstanding living environment. Located on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, Québec’s capital is a truly unique city. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the many bicycle paths, ski resorts, golf courses, lakes, and rivers that are just a short drive from any part of town. Urbanites will enjoy the downtown’s vibrant, festive side, rich cultural life, and fine dining.

Home ownership is made easier by costs that are extremely competitive compared to the rest of the country. Add in affordable education, efficient public transit, and free healthcare and the overall cost of living is extremely attractive in Québec City.

Boasting the lowest crime rate among large urban centers in North America, Québec City offers families a safe environment. It was named the best Canadian city to raise children by the magazine Today’s Parent.

A Competitive City

Québec is definitely the city to invest in:

  • Business startup and operating costs are extremely competitive.
  • The economy is growing with a multitude of new businesses setting up shop.
  • Return on investment is high.
  • Innovations are increasing, especially in the high tech sector.
  • Jobs are plentiful.

Québec is among the most competitive cities in the world for doing business, and the province of Québec has one of the lowest business tax rates in North America.

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