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Varied Artistic Expression and a Unique Cooperative

Since 1995 the Méduse cooperative has brought all forms of art to the Saint-Roch district. Its unique structure houses nine organizations dedicated to creating, producing, and presenting current art in a versatile venue that has been a catalyst in revitalizing this part of town. Méduse is located in buildings that were specially renovated to help it carry out its innovative mission.

At the starting line

Nine dilapidated buildings on côte d’Abraham and rue De Saint-Vallier were overhauled to create the 4,000-square-metre Méduse complex. Their transformation into a high-calibre artistic facility equipped with cutting-edge technology was the third key initiative that has made Saint-Roch a hub of creativity and spirited innovation.

The 1995 opening of Méduse, in the wake of the creation of the Saint-Roch Garden in 1993 and renovation of the Dominion Corset factory, which has housed Université Laval’s School of Visual Arts since 1994, cemented the role of artists in the rebirth of Saint-Roch. The city would go on to help other studios find a home in abandoned factories on neighbouring streets. That is how Saint-Roch became the city’s artistic district.

Méduse’s mission

Research, innovation, and the fusion of diverse forms of artistic expression have been at the heart of Méduse’s mission from the very beginning. But more than that, these objectives have shaped the physical premises and the management structure adopted by member artists. The building design fosters contact among them, and the cooperative format is conducive to synergetic consensus. And its vocation to produce and present art means greater contact with the public and outside artists.

The main distinguishing features of Centre Méduse are its multidisciplinary approach, resolutely current outlook, and technological daring.

Members and their work

Méduse is a community art and culture cooperative of designers, producers, and promoters. Its nine non-profit member organizations attest to its diversity.

Antitube produces film and photographic events. Atelier de la mezzanine arranges collaborations between professional and amateur artists, especially people with mental disorders. La Bande Vidéo specializes in research and design in media art and video. Engramme is a printmaking studio. Œil de poisson explores the multidisciplinary potential of current art as a whole. Recto Verso produces and presents multidisciplinary and electronic art. Spirafilm is a film and video production cooperative. And VU is dedicated to photography.

Méduse also features several galleries and viewing facilities. Its multipurpose performance hall that seats 300 can accommodate many types of artistic events—theatre, dance, improvisation, lectures, symposia, fashion shows, screenings, and more. Its sophisticated equipment allows for a wide range of experimentation.

Mois Multi, an international festival of multidisciplinary and electronic art held in Québec City every year, is one of the leading activities spearheaded by Méduse.

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