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Municipal court

Tickets are issued mainly for violations of municipal regulations (In French Only) and Québec laws, such as the Highway Safety Code. They may be issued by a police officer, firefighter, inspector, or other agents of a city under the court’s jurisdiction, in the performance of their duties.

To avoid having a judgment made in your absence or being charged additional fees, you must ensure that the municipal court receives either a plea or full payment within 30 days of your receipt of a ticket. If you plead guilty and do not include a payment or include only partial payment with your guilty plea, you will be charged additional fees.

Requesting an investigation

You believe that there has been an error when issuing your statement ? Introduce an Investigation request

Additional information

For further information, contact the municipal court registry staff by phone at 418-641-6179 or by email at courmunicipale@ville.quebec.qc.ca.

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