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L'accent d'Amérique

Québec, l’accent d’Amérique.

A distinctive feature of the French language, the accent imbues a vowel with character, much as here it affirms our collective identity. Québec City is the birthplace of French culture in North America and today the proud capital and bastion of l'accent d'Amérique!

The shape and height of the accent evokes Cap Diamant, the promontory on which our forebears forged our destiny. It also calls to mind the many contrasting elements that make us different: our European ancestry and North American spirit, the creative way we serve culture and knowledge, the history that has unfolded in the shadow of the city walls and church steeples, our cool summer festivals and warm-hearted winters...

As a world heritage city, Québec City enthusiastically embraces both past and present as it builds its future. It was in Québec City that l'Amérique first got its accent. And today we are proud that our accent lives on, and continues to echo the world over.

Because Québec City is one of a kind.
Because we are proud of it.
Because we are Québec, l'accent d'Amérique.