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Québec City organizations

These organizations can help make sure you find your place in Québec City.

Ville de Québec’s organizations listings show the services available to immigrants who choose Québec City as their new home.

You’ll find all kinds of resources to help you with various issues that may come up, from the start of the process in your country of origin until you’re fully established socially and economically here.

Get the answers wherever you are

Considering leaving your native land and settling in a new place? Looking for a community that combines quality of life, safety, reasonable cost of living, and a bright future for you and your family? Find out what Québec City has to offer and see available job opportunities. You can find all you need to know about immigration procedures, getting settled, and life in Québec City, wherever you are. Talk to experts, get answers to your questions, and more.

Services for temporary workers

You have your job offer and you’re ready to get started. Leaving your homeland for a new country is far from simple, but there are organizations that can help you navigate the steps and procedures involved in moving to Québec City from another country. Be sure to start your new life on the right foot by finding out before you arrive. Questions? There are specialized, experienced organizations with answers, suggestions, tools, and information to help smooth your transition and help you and your family find your place.

Services for refugees

Québec City is the province’s #1 destination for state refugees. This means the community is set up and has established first-rate services for the specific needs of this group. Seasoned organizations and dedicated people are ready to welcome and support you, whether you need help or guidance getting settled, social support, home care, interpreting services, or help from a community intercultural agent.

Feeling the love

Ville de Québec joins its many community organizations in welcoming you to your new home. From the moment you arrive, we provide first-rate services to help you get settled, including initial reception, orientation, and access to information on housing, the settlement process, and all the services available. Depending on your needs and situation, you might also benefit from personalized accompaniment, social support, individual or group followup, referrals, or interpreting or support services from a community intercultural agent. We’re ready and waiting to welcome you!

Learning French

The main language of Québec City is French. Newcomers need French in order to participate fully in local civic, social, and economic life. If you need help, organizations recognized by Ministre de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion offer French language programs so you can find your place in this French-speaking community. Want to improve your French skills and communicate better with your new neighbours? There are organizations that twin you with French-speaking locals, offer language, reading, and writing courses, and other kinds of assistance. Services are adapted to your level—so take a look!

Becoming part of your community

Integration is about becoming a full participant in the life of the community. All members of the family need to integrate, even if they take their own paths to get there and arrive at their own pace. Certain organizations have developed recognized expertise in making transitions work. You can find first-rate cultural mediation and counselling, health care access, recreation, and individual support services, as well as cooking groups, food banks, opportunities for volunteering and community action, and support for families, women, and youth. Community intercultural agents are also available to help meet the needs of every member of the family.

Find a job and keep it

Finding a job to match your skills and aspirations isn’t always easy for new arrivals. Workplace culture can vary considerably between countries and sometimes adds another twist to finding and keeping a job. There are, however, community organizations that have developed a complete range of services to help newcomers to find jobs, get their skills recognized, share their expertise, and join in regional economic life. You’ll also find job and job market information workshops; job search training, coaching, and support; job preparation workshops; networking, referencing, and orientation activities; internships, mentoring, and more.

Support for entrepreneurs

Looking to enter business, develop new products, or start your own business in Québec City? There are organizations that specialize in business startups that can help you with business plans and financial structures. Some can even start working with you before you arrive

Adapting your people skills and know-how

Understanding and mastering a new workplace culture can be quite a challenge for new immigrants, and there are a number of employment service organizations that can help you boost your people skills and know-how. You can improve your employment prospects, pick up new practical skills, and receive personal coaching and guidance to help you settle into and keep your new job.

Getting to know and understand your new culture

Any two given cultures can be quite compatible, or can differ in important ways. To understand where cultural differences lie, there’s no substitute for an attentive ear and an open mind. There are organizations that really excel in staging cultural events and activities for the general public to help bring cultures together and foster dialogue. Others have activities to enhance sensitivity to cultural differences and workshops on cross-cultural communications, diversity promotion, and appreciating the contributions of immigrants. Reach out to people who are different and keep your eye on the intercultural calendar!

Civic engagement and community ownership

Successful integration culminates in full civic engagement and community ownership. Ville de Québec is proud to have you as a resident and encourages you to take full advantage of such municipal services as recreational and summer vacation programs. It invites you to join in all the neighbourhood celebrations and the cultural, sports, and recreational activities going on all over the city all year long. Look into it—there’s plenty for every age and interest. We look forward to meeting you!

Cultural associations

Cultural associations help immigrants adapt and find their place. They also awaken Quebecers to Québec’s multi-ethnic character. They offer home visits, personal support, health services, social services, prenatal care, cooking groups, shopping groups, intercultural buddy programs, information, referrals, and attestations.