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Living in Québec City

When immigration meets life

Québec City is dynamic and prosperous, but it’s also beautiful and very safe, both peaceful and dynamic. It offers a host of municipal services and quality of life described as the best North America has to offer.

All Québec City’s boroughs have sports and recreational facilities (in French), parks and green space and access to the bicycle path system.

In fact, you might be interested to know that there are more than 454 parks and islands of green space, 2,200 hectares of wetlands, 230 bodies of water, 695 km of creeks and rivers, and 3 ski and outdoor centres within 20 minutes of the city centre. The city also has over 70 km of bike, inline skating and walking paths as well as a range of recreational facilities, two indoor soccer stadiums, 147 outdoor soccer fields and a linear park along the Saint Charles River with its own outstanding 32-km trail network.

Welcome to Québec!

Choose your borough

Québec City is the province’s second largest city, and is divided into six very distinct districts, or boroughs (in French). Each has its own personality as well as its own special environment and sociodemographic features. Although each is different, all provide a range of services to meet residents’ varied needs.

See Info-Arrondissement (in French) for the name of your borough, electoral district, and neighbourhood.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Québec City is low and highly competitive among similar-sized North American cities. It is nonetheless important to bear in mind that the main expenditure categories and costs can vary considerably between cultures. Knowing and understanding the main consumer expense categories will help you plan your move and manage your finances afterwards.

Average Québec City rents

Studio (1 ½ or 2 ½) : 534 $
1-bedroom (3 ½) : 648 $
2-bedroom (4 ½) : 775 $
3-bedroom (5 ½) : 898 $
Source : CMHC – Rental Market, october 2014

Water and electricity

Electricity is much cheaper than in most of the world’s countries and varies according to residence size and consumption, as does heating. The Hydro Québec website has plenty of information, including a tool to estimate total costs for a home.

Waste disposal

Property taxes paid by the owner of a residence or apartment building cover waste waste disposal (in French), including household recycling and garbage.

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