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A Guide for Tour Bus Drivers

Up to 30,000 buses every summer!

The historic district of Old Québec is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The sector’s rich heritage makes it a top tourist destination for history buffs. 

Due to the number of tour buses that pass through Old Québec, the City has had to establish rules regarding bus routes, bus parking, and the use of local tour guides in order to preserve this precious site.

These directives aim to ensure that tourist visits and quality of life for the local population aren’t affected by the noise, pollution, or traffic that buses can cause. They also aim to ensure that tourists have a pleasant and enjoyable stay and that the needs of Old City residents are respected.

Tourists and the buses that carry them are welcome in the capital of Québec!

Important Information

Tour guide services and boarding location for guides

The City’s By-law on local tour guides, R.R.V.Q chapter G-1 (in French only) stipulates that any business offering tours within the city limits must retain the services of a tour guide with a valid licence, regardless of the guide’s nationality or language(s) spoken. This by-law is intended to ensure visitors to Québec City receive quality information.

Québec City Tourism can provide you with the information you need to book a certified tour guide.
Tel.: 418-641-6290
Toll-free: 1-877-783-1608

Locally operated city tours and departure location

You can avoid the hassle of driving your vehicle by leaving your group in the skilled hands of one of our local tourist transportation operators.

Bus dispatchers

Throughout the summer, the City’s bus dispatchers are at your service to provide information you and give you directions. Let them help you—it will make your job easier.

Stopping and Parking in Old Québec

Stopping in Old Québec is restricted to certain zones

Buses are not allowed to stop inside the walls of the historic district except in the following pick-up/drop-off zones:

Hotel pick-up/drop-off zones

These pick-up/drop-off zones are located in front of certain hotels. Stops are limited to 10 minutes and only to allow passengers to embark and disembark while their luggage is being loaded or unloaded. Buses that need to let people on/off the bus under any other circumstances must use the designated pick-up/drop-off zones in each city sector.

Designated pick-up/drop-off zones

Designated pick-up/drop-off zones can be used for all other pick-ups and drop-offs. Bus drivers have a maximum of 10 minutes to let passengers on/off the bus.

Parking is prohibited in Old Québec

Parking is prohibited for all tour buses inside the walls of Old Québec. See the map (PDF : 496 Ko) to find street parking (“stationnement sur rue”) and parking lots (“stationnement hors rue”) outside the walls.

Pick-up/drop-off zones

These zones can be used by any vehicle.

Signage and Regulations

Engine idling

Vehicle engines must be turned off as soon as the vehicle makes a stop, failing which drivers are subject to a $100–$500 fine. This small gesture goes a long way toward reducing bus-related nuisances.

No parking

Parking is prohibited when signs are flashing to allow for maintenance, street cleaning, or snow plowing.

Reserved lanes

These lanes are for buses and taxis only. 

Important Numbers

Health services

Health info hotline: 648-2626
(24-hour medical information)

Emergency services

Police – Fire – Ambulance: 911

Additional Information

For more information, please call 311.