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Borough Councils

Borough Councils are made up of councilors from the electoral districts in the borough territory. Each Borough Council appoints a borough chair from among its members. The boroughs also name the members of the urban planning advisory committee.

Their Role

Borough Councils are responsible for providing "local" services, notably

  • Information
  • Public consultations on urban planning amendments with an impact on the borough
  • Permits
  • Fire prevention
  • The local road network
  • Garbage and waste collection
  • Parks and local cultural and recreational facilities
  • Financial support to local economic development, community, and social organizations
  • Organization of recreational sports and sociocultural facilities

Borough Councils are subject to the same operating rules as a city council. For example, they must hold a public meeting at least once a month at the borough office's council chamber.

Borough Councils submit briefs and make recommendations to the City Council on the budget, budget priorities, the preparation or amendment of urban development plans, amendments to urban planning regulations, and any other issues submitted to them by the City Council.

The Borough Councils do not have the power to borrow money or levy taxes.