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As you arrive on the icy waters of the mighty St. Lawrence River, rocked by the movement of the tides, the city rises before you, perched majestically atop a rocky cape.

Drawing closer, you can feel the pulse of the past—more than 400 years of history woven deep into the fabric of a modern metropolis.

Historical and avant-garde, Québec is a proudly francophone city that welcomes you with open arms, radiant, inspiring, and strong.

It’s not just about what you see here. It’s about what you feel; what you experience.

Beyond the places and the history, there are the people and their legendary warmth. A people proud of what they stand for, yet who sometimes seem to forget that they make this city what it is and give it all its colour. A people who have overcome trials as daunting as Québec’s harshest winters. Like the leaves in fall, hundreds of thousands of individuals who light the city with their fire and shape its future.

Like the spring that comes after a long winter, Québec is bursting with life in every season, propelled by a thriving economy and vibrant arts scene. Between the smartly dressed civil servants, hard-working entrepreneurs, and lively buskers, you can feel it: that shared desire to nurture the city and make it shine.

To forge a capital we can all be proud of.

A profoundly human city where anything is possible.

Bruno Marchand

Bruno Marchand
Mayor of Québec

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