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Municipal court

Pay a payment agreement

Have you arranged a payment agreement with a fines collector? Multiple payment methods are available:

  • Online with the Pay a payment agreement service
  • Preauthorized payments (available only by phone or at a service center counter);
  • Cheque (available only if your driver’s license has not been suspended by SAAQ and you have not previously had a cheque returned for insufficient funds);
  • Money order (enter the fine number indicated in the payment agreement);
  • Credit card (available only by phone or at a service center counter);
  • Cash (at a service center only).

Payment agreement (online payments)

How can I get an extension or find out how to pay a fine and fees?

Want to plead guilty but are unable to fully pay off your fine?

Keep in mind that as soon as you submit a guilty plea, you will be given an extra 30 days to fully pay off your fine and fees.

Within 30 days, you can also call the fines collector who, after analyzing your financial situation, may arrange a payment agreement or work option to offset the fine.

To find out more, see the Payment Agreement page.