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Québec City Film Friendly

Filming Permits

Filming permits

Authorization is required for all filming on public property under the City of Québec’s jurisdiction. A filming permit application must be submitted to the Major Events Office (MEO).

Only an MEO representative is authorized to make arrangements on behalf of the production in order to obtain permits or technical support for filming from the City. In no instance should the production company attempt to make arrangements directly with other City departments.

Required Documents

Time required

Wait times for permits, authorizations, and technical requests vary depending on the size of the production.

  • At least 3 working days are required for regular permits (filming and parking permits).
  • At least 5 business days are required for special permits (road closures, overflight drone clearance over municipal land, filming inside a municipal facility, police presence, etc.)

Additional Information

Bureau des grands événements

15, rue Saint-Nicolas
Québec (Québec) G1K 1M8
Telephone: 418 641-6766