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Communiqué archivé

Statement from the Mayor of Québec City regarding the attack at the Québec Islamic Cultural Centre

Québec, January 29, 2017 – The Mayor of Québec, M. Regis Labeaume, has made the following statement concerning the attack that took place today at the Québec Islamic Cultural Centre:

“Québec is in shock tonight in the aftermath of the tragic events that took place at the Québec Islamic Cultural Centre. My first thoughts go to the victims and their families who were gathered for prayer. Québec is an open-minded city where all can live together peacefully and respectfully” says Québec City Mayor Regis Labeaume. “I urge the people to unite and stand together. Québec is a strong city. Québec is a proud city.  Québec is a city that is open to the world.”

The City of Québec has opened its Emergency Coordination Centre to manage the situation. The Mayor is on site as well as public security personnel.


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